Speak Up

Molycop is committed to high standards of conduct in all of its business activities, and to promoting and supporting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, compliance and good corporate governance.

Molycop encourages anyone who becomes aware of improper conduct to raise those concerns.  Any employee who reports in good faith improper conduct will not be subject to retaliation, or retribution or other recriminations for making that report. The contact phone numbers below should only be used to report examples of improper conduct of a Molycop employee or representative. Reports can be made anonymously.

Contact details listed on the Contact page list the appropriate contact details for general business related inquiries.

Operated by Lighthouse Services

Australia – SpeakUp 

Phone: +1-800-823-141

Email:  [email protected]

Canada – SpeakUp

Phone:  +1-877-767-1333

Email:   [email protected]

Chile – SpeakUp 

Phone: +800 914 435

Email:  [email protected]

Singapore – SpeakUp

Phone: +800-852-3421

Email: [email protected]

Indonesia – SpeakUp

Phone: +001-803-015-203-9789

Email: [email protected]

Mexico – SpeakUp

Phone: +800 099 1491

Email: [email protected]

Peru – SpeakUp

Phone: +0800-52-288

Email: [email protected]

Russia – SpeakUp

Email:  [email protected]

Spain – SpeakUp

Phone: +34-902-018-502

Email:  [email protected]

USA – SpeakUp

Phone: +1-877-344-2748

Email:  [email protected]

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