Molycop Peru shines at PERUMIN Mining Convention 36

Molycop Peru proudly participated in PERUMIN Mining Convention 36, the leading event in Peruvian mining. Our contributions, from showcasing comprehensive mineral processing solutions to engaging in crucial dialogues and discussions, emphasized our commitment to industry advancement. We also received a 'Green Certificate' for using 100% renewable energy, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability.

Molycop Peru was proud to play a significant role in the 36th edition of the PERUMIN Mining Convention, the premier event in the Peruvian mining industry and a cornerstone of Latin American mining. This dynamic convention provided us with a platform to engage with influential mining companies and strategic partners, fostering collaboration and forging new connections within the sector.

Our highlights included:

Contribution to the Convention: We showcased our comprehensive solutions that span every stage of mineral processing, encompassing grinding, flotation, and digital process control – elements that are at the forefront of industry transformation.

Collaboration and Idea Exchange: Beyond presenting our latest innovations, we actively engaged in dialogues and discussions with our valued clients and strategic partners. Together, we explored the challenges and opportunities that the mining industry and their operations face, ensuring that we remain aligned with their evolving needs.

Green Certificate for Renewable Energy: We take immense pride in receiving the 'Green Certificate' for Renewable Energy from Enel Peru, accredited by SGS. This certificate underscores our commitment to a more sustainable future, recognizing that all our energy consumption in 2022 originates from renewable sources. Read the press release here.

Sponsorship of the Logistics Meeting: Molycop Peru was honored to sponsor the Perumin 36 Logistics Meeting, a pivotal event for the mining industry, not only in Peru but also on a global scale. This platform promoted meaningful dialogues and the exchange of experiences, highlighting the critical role of logistics in the mining value chain.

The Molycop Peru team extends our heartfelt gratitude to all our visitors at the PERUMIN Mining Convention 36 and everyone who contributed to the success of this exceptional event. Our commitment to leading the industry and creating a more sustainable future for mining remains unwavering. Thank you for being part of our journey toward progress and innovation.

Molycop – Progress Together

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