Molycop's global procurement centre based in Singapore, leads in grinding media and steel bar procurement. Providing expertise in all modes of freight transport, market intelligence, trade finance and quality assurance services, Molycop Singapore is critical to seamless operations and efficient delivery to our customers across all corners of the globe.


6 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower 4 #15-03 Singapore 038986

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Epicentre for strategic services

Singapore, our global procurement and logistics centre, plays a pivotal role in Molycop's global operations. As significant trader of specialty steel worldwide, Molycop's Singapore office is at the forefront of grinding media and steel bar procurement.

Molycop's Singapore office is the global hub for trade finance, quality assurance and specialised expertise in break bulk and containerised seafreight. With a strategic location and a diverse range of services, Molycop Singapore ensures seamless operations, enhances efficiency, and fosters valuable partnerships to support our commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

Our global procurement and logistics centre is supported by in-country road and rail logistics specialists managing seemless delivery to our customers no matter where they are located across the world.

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