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Leverage the power of your data and achieve operational excellence with Molycop’s Value Invention Process (VIP) Platform.

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  • Enterprise-wide data integration and reporting.
  • Efficient storage and analyses of data.
  • Secure storage of operational data.
  • Live analysis of your operations.
  • Simple and intuitive dashboards, graphs and KPIs.
VIP Platform VIP Platform

Molycop brings together technology, equipment, systems and processes within the mineral processing sector with our Value Invention Process (VIP) Platform. It’s the latest in digital technology that can be used to drive economic value, increase efficiency, lower operational costs and improve safety.  

VIP Platform incorporates VIP Historian software that enables efficient storage and analyses of data, and VIP Vision, a time-series analytics platform that can integrate with any existing data source (including VIP Historian). Also included is VIP Insights, which enables enterprise-wide data integration, analysis and reporting. 

Benefits of VIP Platform

VIP Platform integrates people and processes across the value chain. Among its advantages:

  • Remote access to expertise  VIP Platform allows for remote access to real-time standardised data obtained from the site. It also allows for our clients to share their information with various experts from around the world to promote remote consulting opportunities within the organisation.
  • Improved decision-making  VIP Platform collects data from multiple sources allowing for the seamless integration of technology, equipment, systems and processes across the value chain.
  • A collaborative environment – VIP Platform promotes collaboration by allowing for multidirectional flow of standardised information from a centralised location to and from the various stakeholders. The result is a total value add to the operation that goes far beyond that of the sum of the value added by each of the stakeholders had they operated individually.
  • Continuity in knowledge – VIP Platform is a repository of information, capturing events and changes that occurred, thereby promoting continuity in the knowledge and wisdom obtained from past experiences.

Tailored to your needs

Molycop encourages all stakeholders (mining companies, consultants and suppliers) to apply a systematic data-driven and multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate the development of effective and sustainable solutions with expert domain knowledge.

  • Data – The first step is to obtain quality of data that will provide the necessary information required to make informed decisions around the specifically identified problem.
  • Information –  The data is relayed and stored in a database that will enable domain experts to carry out the necessary data analytics and modelling to convert the raw data into information.
  • Control and optimisation – The information is applied to the specific problem in an effective manner using remote expert consulting, advanced data analytics (calculations and statistics, as well as AI and machine learning) and/or expert control systems.
  • Knowledge and wisdom – The efficiency of the process is evaluated by applying knowledge and wisdom from internal management and expert consultants (if necessary) and constraints are identified.
  • Action – The constraints are critically evaluated and recommendations made to management on the changes that need to be implemented in order to unlock the full potential of the system.
  • Evaluate – The real return-on-investment be determined for the system.

Integrate your entire value chain

At Molycop, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating your entire value chain to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. That's why our VIP Data Platform serves as a powerful tool to connect people and processes across your operations. But the benefits don't end there. By leveraging the capabilities of our VIP Data Platform, you can enhance your operations even further by integrating it with our comprehensive range of instruments, products, and advanced process control solutions. Here's how:

  • Complete Integration – With VIP Data Platform, you can consolidate and centralise data from various instruments, systems, and processes, creating a unified view of your operations. By incorporating our advanced process control solutions into the platform, you can seamlessly integrate control strategies, algorithms, and models to optimise your processes.
  • Enhanced Decision-making – Integrating our instruments with the VIP Data Platform enables real-time monitoring and analysis of critical variables, providing valuable insights for decision-making. By combining data from multiple sources, you gain a holistic understanding of your operations, enabling you to make informed and proactive decisions.
  • Improved Efficiency – The seamless integration of instruments, products, and advanced process control solutions within the VIP Data Platform eliminates silos and improves overall operational efficiency. You can streamline workflows, automate tasks and reduce manual interventions, resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime.
  • Scalable and Customisable – Our VIP Data Platform is designed to be scalable and adaptable to meet the specific needs of your operations. Whether you require integration with a single instrument or a comprehensive solution, our platform can be customised to accommodate your requirements, allowing for flexibility as your operations evolve.
  • Futureproof Solution – Investing in the upsell of our VIP Data Platform integration ensures that you have a future-proof solution for your data management and process optimisation needs. As new instruments, products and advanced process control solutions are developed, our platform can seamlessly incorporate them, keeping your operations at the forefront of technology.

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