Our Philosophy

By innovating collectively – with our peers and partners – we create new products and services that deliver efficiencies for our customers and the industries in which we operate, toward a better future for all.

Sustainability drives our innovation efforts

For decades, the Molycop name has been synonymous with quality grinding media. Now Molycop is recognised throughout the mining sector for its innovative mineral processing solutions that help customers create and sustain a competitive advantage, while also promoting efficient and sustainable development. 

Molycop believes that this is best achieved by innovating new and better technologies and changing our current ways of operating. Sustainability is always front of mind in our approach to innovation. 

Our innovation philosophy is informed by the need to provide solutions and products that drive energy efficiency, use recycled materials, improve throughput, reduce waste, and increase recoveries. It also underpins our efforts to reduce our own carbon footprint when we manufacture products, thereby helping the entire industry value chain.

Collaboration in innovation

Working hand-in-hand with our peers and partners, we have an innovation strategy in place that focuses on solving the fiscal and social challenges our customers face.

Remaining competitive in today’s minerals market environment means applying innovative products and processes to tackle some of the industry’s entrenched challenges. With our innovation strategy guiding us, our plan is to continue collaborating with our partners to achieve that goal.

How we drive efficiencies for our clients

  • harnessing efficiencies created through digital transformation
  • providing industry-leading circuit analysis
  • sharing our subject matter expertise
  • leveraging our new portfolio of services to develop grinding media with improved wear and impact
  • quantifying the value we create.

Innovation Resources

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