We’re inspired to bring about positive change

Molycop offers a range of tailored services that leverage cutting-edge technologies to support comminution efficiencies, improve throughput, recovery and accelerate sustainability outcomes in your mining operations.

You can depend our technical experience and range of tailored support services to achieve your goals.

Process optimisation

Our experienced team can help you optimise your operations through:

  • milling circuit flow analysis and optimisation
  • grinding media sizing
  • flotation simulation and optimisation
  • ore sampling and ore abrasion analysis
  • grinding media performance assessment
  • Molycop Tools training for operators
  • mill liner profile analysis using DEM.

Resource recovery

Molycop provides integrated logistics, waste management and resource recovery solutions for businesses, government, councils and the community.

Our resource recovery services ensure that products, including end-of-life tyres, mattresses, conveyor belts and IBCs, can be usefully reused. We can collect waste from your premises for processing and can also process vast quantities of waste materials on-site.

Education and training

Our tailored customer training courses are unique for the experience and insights they offer both established industry professionals and newcomers to the sector.

We offer training courses in milling operations and comminution theory so staff can improve their knowledge, expand their set of skills and truly reach their potential.

Our range of tailored services can help you achieve your goals.

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