LTM Level Probe

Molycop’s LTM Level Probe provides accurate and effective pulp, slurry and water level measurement for the mining industry.

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  • Continuous level measurement in metallic vessels up to 3m in height.
  • Ideal for adhesive and pasty media.
  • Level measurement of foaming media.
  • Minimum product conductivity 1 µS/cm.
  • Substitute for float sensors.
  • For media with homogenous conductivity.
LTM Level Probe LTM Level Probe tank diagram

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The LTM-2 level sensor provides accurate level measurement for the mining industry in various applications – typically, in flotation banks, individual flotation cells or in concentrate sumps to provide consistent accurate pulp level. The unique measuring principle of the LTM-2 allows it to measure the slurry level and ignore the froth component of the flotation cell. 

Technologies such as float balls and ultrasonic targets are often adversely affected by the build-up of froth, foam and solids. However, these conditions have no effect on the LTM-2 probe as it has no moving parts.

LTM-2 probes are engineered to be robust and will generally provide years of operation when installed correctly. 

Benefits of LTM Level Probe

  • Enhanced Accuracy – The LTM Level Probe's high accuracy of 1% measurement accuracy and 1% measurement linearity ensures precise slurry level monitoring.
  • Reliable Foam Detection – The system's function principle analyses electrical resonance properties to detect foam and suppress it in the results. This feature ensures reliable measurements and prevents erroneous readings caused by foam adhesions.
  • Conducive Working Principle – The LTM Level Probe's conductive working principle is not affected by froth buildup. This ensures accurate readings even in frothy conditions, making it ideal for mineral processing applications.
  • Fast and Instantaneous Measurements – The LTM Level Probe has near-instantaneous measurement capability, with measurements taken in just 100 milliseconds. This quick response time enables real-time monitoring and control of slurry levels.
  • Robust Construction – The LTM Level Probe is durably constructed, with a complete 316 stainless steel rod and 304 stainless steel head. This ensures longevity and resistance to water, slurry and dust, making it suitable for harsh mineral processing environments.
  • Seamless Integration – The LTM Level Probe is compatible with existing PLC, DCS or SCADA systems, allowing for easy data integration and monitoring. Additionally, the web-based trending and reporting capabilities provide comprehensive data analysis and insights.
  • High-Quality Hardware and Remote Support – The LTM Level Probe is a premium solution with high-quality hardware components, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Additionally, remote support is available.

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