Innovative Solutions

Innovation is in our DNA. Look no further than our research and development efforts, which have yielded a range of market-leading product and process solutions.

We’re at the cutting edge of innovation

Molycop believes that one of the best ways to support and accelerate sustainable mining is to innovate new and better technologies and improve  current ways of operating. 

We’re conscious of the many demands and challenges our industry faces. But our focus is always on the future and how we can better ourselves as a company. The challenge we set ourselves is to remain ahead of the curve – always improving, always innovating – to deliver optimal results for our customers, our communities and the environment.

Leading R&D and product development

Molycop has a continuous global research and development program in place that aims to better its products and services. 

Some of the innovation advances we have successfully developed are:

  • the NG SAG Ball
  • heat treatment optimisation
  • higher carbon ball assessment and trials
  • minimising SAG mill variability through real-time monitoring and predictive models
  • real-time inventory management, including laser scanning to measure on-site grinding media inventory
  • benchmarking and evaluation of competitor products as part of our R&D process.

Innovation Resources

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