Rock IQ – Real-time Fragmentation Control

Rock IQ by Molycop is an advanced technology that uses image analysis to measure the size of coarse particles on a conveyor belt in real-time and without affecting production.

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  • Optimise the comminution process.
  • Improve crusher and mill operation.
  • Benefit from continuous, real-time measurements of Particle Size Distribution (PSD).
  • System can alarm when material is out of specification.
  • Images are captured by an IP camera.
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Rock IQ measures the size of coarse particles on a conveyor belt by using an algorithm to identify the outlines of each rock. It then calculates the size based on the best fitting ellipse for each rock. The outcome is a Particle Size Distribution (PSD) that measures the fragmentation of the ore.

This measurement is continuous and the results are readily available for use as control variables. 

Benefits of Rock IQ

The benefits of the system depend on where the fragmentation is measured. Typical locations on a processing plant include:

  • Primary Crusher Discharge
  • Secondary / Tertiary Crusher Discharge
  • Pebble Crusher Product
  • Mill Feed.

Measurements from the Primary Crusher Discharge are helpful in ensuring optimal operation. For most plants, the mill feed is a typical measurement as it significantly affects the mill operation. Control systems can use this measurement to adjust the mill operation based on the particle size of the ore fed. If the ore is reclaimed from a segregated stockpile, fragmentation measurements can be used to ensure the optimal blend reaches the mill.

Data is collected and stored in a time-series database and it is readily available for analysis in the VIP Data Platform or output to the plant SCADA/Historian via OPC.

Molycop has extensive experience in control solutions and can help integrate Rock IQ measurements into a control system to improve operation. Rock IQ is specifically designed to integrate with other Molycop solutions, including MillStar APC control and MillSlicer VIP. 

Combining fragmentation information with impact measurements from MillSlicer allows for advanced optimisation of mill operation, and the finer particle fraction provides valuable information on the effectiveness of blasting.

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