Doing better for the future

It’s our policy to make a positive contribution to the environments in which we operate – and leave the world a better place.

We’re working collaboratively to advance sustainability

At Molycop we are maximising what is possible as a key player in the supply chain to liberate the future facing minerals that are critical for the world's transition to a low carbon economy. We work closely with our customers and partners to find new ways to advance the sustainability of the industries in which we operate.

We are also consistently seeking to reduce the footprint of our own operations through innovation, renewables and digital technology. We are committed to reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions. To achieve this reduction in emissions we have:

  • Developed a high-level decarbonisation pathway to 2030;
  • Applied innovative approaches to sourcing renewable and a recycled form of carbon;
  • Expanded our capacity to contribute to a circular economy through the acquisition of Molycop 360;
  • Increased our use of renewable energy; and
  • Implemented initiatives to use water and energy more efficiently and sustainably.

 We take our responsibility to do better for the future seriously, and we believe this point of difference creates a competitive advantage for Molycop that will allow us to prosper in a low carbon economy.

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