Doing what's right

Good corporate governance is a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy, driving our decision-making, fostering accountability and ensuring our business operations align with our values.

This belief is intrinsic in our practices - it underpins everything we do

We believe that doing what’s right, which includes behaving ethically and managing risks, is fundamental to how we, as an organisation, operate.

Our Code of Conduct reflects our core values and outlines the standards we expect regarding the in behaviours, interactions and relationships with our stakeholders. This is in place to ensure that the highest standards of corporate conduct, which is critical for us, are effectively managed, maintained, and consistently applied. Our suppliers are expected to declare their understanding, and willingness to comply with our Code of Conduct, and the values within them. Our values are reflected in our Code of Conduct and are enumerated below which aligns to our values, which include :

  • We believe getting home from work safely is everyone’s priority;
  • We exist to deliver on our customer promise and imagine beyond together;
  • We are proud of doing what is right, not what is easy;
  • We learn to challenge ourselves to improve on yesterday; and
  • We belong to the community we serve and embrace our responsibility for a better tomorrow.

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