Molycop plays an active role in the communities in which we operate and we actively seek to promote the rights, health and safety of those communities.

Our business model of being close to those we serve and our longevity in key markets has meant we are well established and engaged in the local community. In Australia the plant has been part of the community for more than 100 years and in that time we have seen the community grow around our facility footprint. Even in La Joya, Peru a more recent facility construction, in what was once a the ten years since our factory site was a relatively a deserted plot, has we have seen the local community grow and extend towards our operations. Molycop prides itself on being an active, respectful, and valued member of the communities we operate in.

Our business model is unique in that our facilities are strategically placed near mining operations to produce products tailored to our customers' needs. Employing local contractors reinforces our commitment to being an active and valued member of the communities. We take our commitments seriously and consistently work towards making a positive and lasting contribution. We believe in fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships, bolstering social and economic development in the process.

Our community investment model is designed to strengthen our employee value proposition, support our license to operate, and enhance our customer value proposition.  We prioritise local employment, align with local values and integrate our operations into the heart of the communities we serve.  In these ways we, provide economic benefits to the community and also elevate the value and relevance of our products and services to our customers. We focus on health, education, support for the disadvantaged, culture, environment, and sport in our efforts to build stronger local communities. To achieve our objectives, we provide donations and sponsorships, matched giving employee program, and company-sponsored leave to support community causes.

Our global community

With an operational footprint that stretches across the Americas, Australasia and Europe, we have a long and proud history of association and participation with local communities where we are represented. 

Molycop has used its position as a local manufacturer and supplier to improve the prospects of those communities where we can. We believe strongly that if our communities flourish, so too does our business. Safe, prosperous and healthy local communities mean a capable and available workforce and supplier base to support and sustain our business.

Our goal is to make a lasting, positive contribution to our society. We actively seek to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships by understanding and maximising the positive influence we can have on local development. We recognise that to be a positive catalyst for development we must proactively manage the potential adverse impacts our activities can have at a local level. Without exception, we will respect and protect the human rights, culture and natural resources of our host countries and communities.

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