Health and Wellbeing

Molycop is committed to creating a workplace environment where worker safety, health and wellbeing are paramount.

Molycop is committed to preventing incidents through robust risk management, conducting investigations when incidents occur, and addressing corrective actions. Our employees are central to our safety culture, with every individual owning and contributing to our safety program. This includes active participation in audits, safety observations, and participation in safety committees.

Goal Zero

Our operating principle, "Goal Zero" reflects our aspiration for zero injuries, incidents, and illnesses across our operations.  We recognise that achieving this goal will require an unwavering commitment and a step change in our approach. This goal represents our commitment to worker safety and emphasises the importance we place on every member of our team returning home safely. As part of our safety principles, management is accountable for providing safe environments, plant and equipment, implementing safe work systems, and ensuring all staff receive safety guidance, training, and supervision.

The execution of “Goal Zero” is facilitated by our operating style – trusted, involved, and unrelenting. This approach enables an environment where every team member feels valued, heard, and safe. Trust in the workplace empowers everyone to share their thoughts and concerns and to proactively identify and mitigate risks. Our approach ensures that everyone has a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their own and others' safety. We remain unwavering in our commitment, and firmly reject any complacency in health and safety standards.

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