Diky Tendi Trisna takes the helm at Molycop Indonesia

The new President Director of Molycop’s Indonesia operations is a strategic leader motivated by collaboration and innovation.

Key facts

  • Diky Tendi Trisna has been appointed as the new President Director of Molycop’s Indonesia operations. 
  • Diky comes to the role after 15 years as a Country Manager responsible for achieving financial, operational and production targets. 
  • He aims to capitalise on current development opportunities to ensure Molycop’s Indonesian operations continue to grow.

Molycop is pleased to announce Diky Tendi Trisna as the new President Director of its Indonesia operations. Diky’s appointment fortifies Molycop’s leadership team and positions Molycop for success in the important South-East Asia market. 
Boasting a distinguished 25-year career with extensive experience in the Indonesian mining industry, Diky brings a wealth of expertise and a forward-thinking approach to the position. He intends to capitalise on positive business conditions to drive growth in Molycop’s operations in Indonesia.

 My motto is that only through collaboration can we achieve success together.
—Diky Tendi Trisna

Diky’s skills and experience   

1. Mining industry experience

Having dedicated almost half his career to mining, specifically in coal and mineral mines including gold and nickel in Indonesia, Diky's extensive background positions him as a seasoned industry expert. Diky has provided solutions for bulk material handling systems, bearings and transmissions, setting the stage for Molycop to make strategic advancements under his leadership.


2. Collaborative leadership philosophy

An advocate for teamwork, Diky sees collaboration and effective team communication as fundamental to success. “The most important thing is the ability to work as a team,” he says. “My motto is that only through collaboration can we achieve success together." 

Diky adds that he is eager to progress the career development of his team members. “I plan to build a strong team in Indonesia with a focus on qualities such as collaboration, innovation and effective communication. I value team members who are committed and willing to develop professionally.”

3. Positive business vision and ambition for growth 

Since joining Molycop in October 2023, Diky has identified favourable business conditions in South-East Asia. He aims to capitalise on the development opportunities currently presenting themselves and ensure the growth of Molycop's operations in Indonesia. 

“We are exploring key partnerships to enhance the company's presence and impact,” he says. This commitment extends to contributing to the local business community by understanding cultural nuances and building positive relationships with stakeholders, clients and partners.

4. A commitment to innovation

Diky says he is already developing new initiatives and products to expand Molycop’s presence in the Indonesian market. His approach to innovation takes account of evolving trends in the South-East Asian business landscape and is in line with Molycop's strategy for innovation.

Diky's forward-thinking approach positions Molycop as an adaptive and industry-leading player poised to make a significant impact. We congratulate Diky on his new role, confident that his leadership, industry acumen and commitment to collaboration will propel Molycop to new heights in South-East Asia. 

Molycop – Progress Together

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