Exciting achievement: Molycop team members to present at Procemin-Geomet 2024

Dr Paul Shelley and Dr Hamid Pourasiabi will attend Procemin-Geomet 2024 from 7–9 August to present their paper.

Key Facts

  • Molycop is proud to announce that Dr Paul Shelley and Dr Hamid Pourasiabi will share their insights at Procemin-Geomet 2024.
  • Procemin-Geomet 2024 brings together industry leaders, professionals and academics in mineral processing and metallurgy.
  • The work of Dr Shelley and Dr Pourasiabi highlights Molycop's commitment to advancing frontiers of knowledge and innovation.
Molycop is proud to announce a remarkable achievement by two of our esteemed colleagues. 

Dr Paul Shelley, Molycop Global Head of Innovation, and Dr Hamid Pourasiabi, Molycop Senior Tribology Engineer, have had their paper accepted for presentation at the prestigious Procemin-Geomet 2024 seminar. The event will be held in Santiago, Chile, from 7–9 August.
Procemin-Geomet 2024 is a significant forum that brings together industry leaders, professionals and academics to discuss and analyse the latest best practices and innovations in mineral processing and metallurgy. The seminar is a prime opportunity for experts to share their cutting-edge research and insights, and we are thrilled that Paul and Hamid will contribute to this important dialogue.

Dr Paul Shelley and Dr Hamid Pourasiabi's work exemplifies the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence that we champion at Molycop. Their research addresses critical aspects of our industry and promises to substantially impact the field of metallic and non-metallic mining.

Their presentation at Procemin-Geomet 2024 showcases their individual expertise and hard work and highlights Molycop's commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and innovation within the industry. We believe their participation will enhance our reputation as leaders in the mining sector and foster valuable connections with other professionals in the field.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Paul and Hamid for this significant achievement. We’re immensely proud of their contributions and we recognise that their success is a testament to the support and collaboration of our entire team. We look forward to the insights and advancements they will share at Procemin-Geomet 2024, knowing that their achievements reflect the collective dedication and talent of our team.

For more information, visit Procemin-Geomet 2024.

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