Mill Operators Conference 2024

Molycop will be attending the MillOps Conference 2024, held in Perth, Australia, on 21–23 October 2024.


21–23 October 2024


Perth, Australia

The Mill Operators Conference promises to be one of the highlights on the 2024 calendar for metallurgusts, geometallurgists, engineers, leaders, executives and other industry professionals.  

Representatives from Molycop’s Technical Services team will be at the conference to speak with attendees and answer any questions they may have. 

About the event

The 16th iteration of AusIMM’s Mill Operators Conference is an acclaimed industry event that brings together industry professionals to discuss advancing best practice, emerging technologies and global factors impacting mill operations. 

The Mill Operators Conference 2024 is expected to attract 600+ delegates.

Meet the Molycop team

The following Molycop Technical Services team members will be attending the Conference:

  • Fraser Leslie

    Fraser Leslie

    Head of Sales and Market Development - Molycop

  • Giehard Nebre

    Giehard Nebre

    Senior Applications Engineer - Molycop

  • Rick Dunn

    Rick Dunn

    Manager - Molycop

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