Luis Pizarro joins the Molycop Chile team

Mining expert Luis Pizarro brings his knowledge of evaluating grinding circuits and experience in Classification-Hydrocyclone equipment to Molycop’s Chile operations.

Key facts

  • Luis has more than a decade of experience in the mining sector, particularly with Classification-Hydrocyclone equipment.
  • He is tasked with expanding Molycop’s grinding circuit operations in Chile. 
  • Luis brings his knowledge of Big Data and Data Science to the Molycop team.
Metallurgist Luis Pizarro has joined Molycop Chile with a mission to expand and improve the Chilean team’s operations. He brings extensive experience in the evaluation of grinding circuits and knowledge of Classification-Hydrocyclone equipment to the role.  

Luis has a diploma in Big Data and Data Science, and has worked in the mining industry for more than a decade.
He says the application of Molycop data analysis tools and Molycop Tools is fundamental to improving efficiency, safety and profitability at each stage of the mining process.

Application of Molycop data analysis tools and Molycop Tools improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, mitigates risks and minimises environmental and social impacts, thus contributing to a more sustainable, permanent and responsible mining development.
He aims to build collaboration among team members and with clients as a building block to success.
“The key to Molycop's solutions approach is teamwork, which is enhanced by the experience of each member who contributes to developing a solution according to the challenge, working collaboratively with our clients.

“I am genuinely excited to begin this new stage, eager to collaborate with dedication and commitment to drive the growth and continued success of the company.”

We welcome Luis and wish him every success in his new role. 

Find out more about Luis here.

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