Molycop 360: Mine Waste Solutions

Our complete mine waste recovery, waste management and logistics services for the mining and resources sector deliver exceptional operational, safety and environmental performance.

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  • We provide a complete waste management solution.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of your mining operation.
  • Deployment to even remote mine site locations.
  • Flexible processing solutions.
  • Quality equipment, including a variety of waste cage sizes.
Mine waste

Reduce your environmental footprint with Molycop 360

Molycop understands the value of natural resources, both above and below ground. We can partner with you to provide a complete remote waste management solution, minimise the environmental impact of your mining project, and promote good relationships with communities, governments and other key stakeholders.

We provide both ongoing services and project-based waste processing and removal. Furthermore, our fleet of mobile shredders and excavators can be deployed to even remote mine site locations. Our flexibility means we can process waste prior to transport, dramatically reducing the cost of transporting unprocessed waste from your site.

Why use Molycop?

Waste cages for every size and capacity

Molycop 360 offers a wide range of cage sizes and capacities to suit the size and scope of your project. Among the benefits:

  • Prompt cage delivery and removal
  • You choose how long to keep the cage
  • Save time and cost compared to landfill disposal
  • Improve site safety by using a dedicated disposal bin point
  • Improve site aesthetics for the duration of your project.

Flexible processing solutions

We offer waste removal and processing solutions that meet the needs of your mining project:

  • We can access remote locations and process waste on-site
  • We can remove the waste from your site
  • Shredding decreases bulk waste for transport or storage and turns waste into a semi-convertible product
  • Scalable solutions to meet the demands of your project
  • Backhaul logistical capabilities 
  • You can trust our committed to meeting site and safety requirements.

Best-in-class equipment

We offer quality equipment from leading industry brands:

  • Modern telehandlers
  • TANA Shark shredders
  • Excavators
  • Grabs, magnets and shears
  • Fleets of trucks and trailers
  • A variety of bins and cages.

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